If you were to come up to me today and say that at the age of 29 I would be a mom to 3 beautiful girls I would have definitely said, me of course not. I would have meant every word of it because in my mind that was the truth. Now over the past 7 years I have become a mom not 1 time but 3, even when doctors told me that I was unlikely to have kids.

Being a mom has taught me a great deal about myself as well as life. you know that you never truly know yourself until you have children, and that’s the truth. They are just little versions of you and yet they act like you as well. There’s something to look forward to.

When you come to be a mom you adapt to somewhat of a different category than others and you will also learn new, different, and exciting things. Being a mom is not an easy task but what is.

This blog is about realistic truth within motherhood, the up’s and downs as well as the good and the bad. Nothing is ever perfect if someone else tells you different, then they are just lying through there teeth.

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If Your A Mom Your A Super Hero Period!

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